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I had the pleasure of spending eight months at LifeSci Communications working with the account communications team to generate recognition and create compelling narratives for a variety of clients in the global biotech industry.
While most of my work was focused in corporate communications and integrated marketing, I also worked closely with the creative team to design logos and social media graphics, and assisted with ad hoc projects ranging from headshot editing to creating storyboards for a specialized video campaign. This was my first experience with a professional design team and it sparked my interest in having an interdisciplinary career that seamlessly combines aspects of design and communications to produce more powerful solutions.
I contributed to multiple logo projects throughout my internship with LifeSci. Participating in the professional group critique process taught me a great deal about how to find inspiration for my designs and how collaboration breeds superior deliverables.
Adobe Illustrator
The logo for Clade was the first logo project I joined at LifeSci. Coincidentally, it was also one of the most successful. My concept made it into one of the final rounds of deliberations with the client before they ultimately went in the other direction. 
I was inspired by the idea of a cladogram that our Creative Director discussed was intertwined with the client's stem cell research in her brief. Using the original colors from Clade's previous logo, I created a more legible design with a recognizable mark that could be used on its own if desired.
Proesis was looking for a more modern and dynamic approach with a strong emphasis on community. Their mission of providing a robust network of plasma donors with important resources and support stood out to me, so I decided to use gradients and line work to represent the idea of togetherness and the strength of their community.
I wanted this logo to feel like it was propelling itself forward to reflect Proesis' innovative spirit. As I got more comfortable working with LifeSci's creative team, I started to expand my brainstorming and bring multiple logo iterations to the initial critique meetings. I loved seeing what the other designers created, and their interpretations of the brief always motivated me to push my own limits.
social media templates
One of the most rewarding projects I worked on was a full rebrand for our client Ikena Oncology. I had been a member of their account communications team for several months before the rebrand started so I had an intricate understanding of their messaging and scientific endeavors. After the creative team finished the initial rebrand and new website design, they needed to revamp the company's social media graphics. 
I was uniquely qualified for this task because, in collaboration with the team's Account Executive, I was responsible for writing all content for their Twitter and LinkedIn accounts as well as creating graphics for each post using Canva. We had discussed frustrations that earlier templates did not have adaptive capabilities like spots for interchangeable photos and completely editable text for different usages in ad hoc scenarios, so I designed the updated versions in Photoshop with feedback from both the communications and creative teams in mind. Finally, I saved the individual elements and recreated them in Canva so members of our team with no Photoshop experience could easily edit the templates for their own unique needs. 
Now, the Ikena account team has 14 different templates to choose from, allowing them to diversify the company's feed while maintaining a cohesive brand design.
Adobe Photoshop and canva

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